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Conversations about maksud galau galau maksud what maksud

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2_normal @fikavitalaya medan,indonesia

What is the maksud rtrt ini? rt @bayuliamsyah rt @fikavitalaya gak galau lagi dong :d

Latest reply 2:40AM Sun, June 05 2011


B1_normal @ChristovJericho Buaran, Jakarta Timur

What is the maksud? RT @grace_chee: @ChristovJericho pengen banget banget banget banget banget gue galau?

Latest reply 8:15AM Fri, June 01 2012


Phpnpbned_normal @pracilias INDONESIA

Chay. Lu gnt nomer? RT @amaliesass: And what is the maksud? ¬_¬ RT @pracilias: @amaliesass aku galau karenamu

Latest reply 7:56AM Tue, March 29 2011


12333_normal @Kivlyeaahh London

What is the maksud ? :d rt @almiramuchsin fp rt @kivlyeaahh no more mellow say no to galau (y)

Latest reply 11:59PM Tue, October 25 2011


Img00993-20120331-1939-0_normal @aelaelo jogja , indonesia

Oooh ;) emg galau kenapose? rt @kazuofficial maksudnya aku ngrt, cuman itu lg galau jadi... :') rt @aelaelo: what is the maksud :o rt @

Latest reply 11:51PM Mon, June 27 2011


Img00412-20100903-1644_normal @Vickyzefo ÜT: -6.269036,1...

What is the maksud?

Latest reply 11:41AM Mon, May 13 2013


331568625_normal @aniiseeh Dihatimu (?) (-...

What is the maksud ?

Latest reply 7:11AM Thu, May 05 2011


Tumblr2_normal @hikmahoho

What is the maksud?

Latest reply 5:39PM Fri, April 01 2011


16_normal @nadyaelviraa

What is the maksud?

Latest reply 4:14AM Fri, June 03 2011


Annisa_20mellita_normal @amelFASS

What is the maksud?

Latest reply 5:14AM Mon, June 13 2011


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