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Conversations about matt factor

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Picccccc_normal @craig_roper Newcastle

Does Matt Cardle from X Factor have twitter ? REPLY PEASE! :)

Latest reply 1:45PM Wed, December 08 2010


Images__3__normal @ItsaTWingg

who is proud of matt winning the x factor?

Latest reply 5:30AM Mon, December 13 2010


383e28060ca4273f61ef311f7cf5c2ae_normal @demihoang Twittalot :)

Where did Matt cardle go after X Factor?

Latest reply 6:04PM Tue, February 21 2012


E2861efe28df65601cec784c59cdcf0a_normal @luvfordanielle 4/5.

Does anyone know why matt dropped out of x factor?

Latest reply 6:24AM Tue, August 20 2013


Image_normal @AidenGLove ...mad world? ;)

Does anyone have matt's songs from the x factor that they wouldnt mind emailing me?

Latest reply 5:31PM Sun, January 02 2011


6360f3aa59b42f83773d1c0774f97d0c_normal @Shannon16x3

Can Anyone send me th link too matt winning the x factor?

Latest reply 2:51PM Wed, April 13 2011


Laurenmblack_normal @laurenmblack Hong Kong

Wait......when does x-factor start?! you's is gonna be famous ;) @matt_stringer

Latest reply 5:48AM Sun, August 14 2011


Ac116ee4fca37401f84a53dc2b95e29b_normal @hannahbrownliex

Who is that man with matt cardle on the xtra factor?

Latest reply 4:32PM Sun, December 04 2011


82d2aa87b9d4469975baeb6ba5b2ecc0_normal @FYNDancer Tottenham,North...

So what happened to Matt Cardle? Who won X Factor... that show is a joke. -_-

Latest reply 4:01PM Sat, April 14 2012


41d0d4276d06fc521b32d65c4482fef4_normal @1DScoop

"Matt cradle beat 1D in the 2010 UK x-factor?...."who?" How did he win? Seriously?

Latest reply 11:22PM Mon, March 04 2013


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