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1404_miller_park_exterior_view_normal @TheKeg_MKE Milwaukee

Why does Yadi Molina have a dbacks tattoo on his neck? #Brewers #Cardinals

Latest reply 11:43PM Fri, October 14 2011


Image_normal @noTORRIEus Brooklyn, NY

Why does Yadie Molina have the Tiger Wood logo on the side of his neck? #WorldSeries

Latest reply 11:00PM Fri, October 28 2011


Yyfumjal_normal @THEChrisLund Queen's U

I'm interested in getting a terrible neck tattoo. Does anyone know where Yadi Molina got his?

Latest reply 9:54PM Thu, October 18 2012


4ca66a8d7d3484f618a9785178a7505f_normal @lovebongi Port Elizabeth

Why does J.Holiday have 'Billabong' tattooed on his neck?

Latest reply 6:07AM Tue, July 31 2012


E367476fb648faade8bbb02ebcee7823_normal @Dappyaddicts N-Dublet World

13. What does Dappy have tattooed on his neck?

Latest reply 4:34PM Tue, January 22 2013


Im-su0du_normal @tweetgrubes Dallas, TX

Why does Felix have Fallopian tubes tattooed on his neck?

Latest reply 1:12AM Fri, April 12 2013


98836fc22daf61975515576d1fba47e8_normal @tpferriera

Does Carl have a tapeworm tattooed on his neck?

Latest reply 1:19PM Wed, May 22 2013


E53b886c24a40824fb1611835b8f150a_normal @ImBFC St. Louis Metro East

So does anyone know the significance of the music notes tattooed on Yadi's neck? #stlcards

Latest reply 10:01PM Fri, October 28 2011


2e1e4c2104ecf4d8991eec2b3474f871_normal @daverdfw

Why does Molina look like a gang member with those tattoos on his neck? Wtf are those?

Latest reply 10:16AM Tue, October 25 2011


Jc941_normal @LPdomxho the big 'MO

Does anyone know what Bradford has tattooed on his neck? It showed in Frat Party.

Latest reply 1:25PM Sat, February 26 2011


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