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10626_1106688472982_1399890073_30260116_8330541_n_normal @dancinEMC

Who is the new hottie anchor on @SportsCenter?

Latest reply 3:56PM Fri, May 27 2011


Photo_2_normal @yeedoski Chillwaukee

Who is the kinda cute new sportscenter anchor?

Latest reply 10:54AM Mon, June 20 2011


Gmqmx9mj_normal @itskelvinlee TUC AZ

Who is your favorite Sportscenter anchor?

Latest reply 10:31PM Fri, February 24 2012


K2cglm8i_normal @tr3yball

Since when does Dana Jacobsen anchor Sportscenter?

Latest reply 2:31AM Thu, June 02 2011


Khe466gw_normal @andrewb66 Lincoln, NE

Who is the new chick on sportscenter?

Latest reply 2:03PM Thu, August 25 2011


Charlie-kelly-nazi_normal @Pimpin_Chester

who is this blonde on sportscenter?

Latest reply 7:29PM Sun, March 04 2012


L1wfbc-z_normal @AKenyanGirl

Who is the new lady anchor on KTN's news?

Latest reply 1:45PM Thu, February 16 2012


Tmp_yelp_normal @zachemral Here

Why does robert flores think he is good at being a sportscenter anchor?

Latest reply 1:28AM Thu, June 02 2011


32f565e7e03129e0e239d8ec0f31acf8_normal @ThaMagician1 PG chillin

“@tr3yball: Since when does Dana Jacobsen anchor Sportscenter?”--so she not on first take no more?

Latest reply 2:51AM Thu, June 02 2011


Wg4uguvh_normal @JLaff Stockton, CA

What are the odds that a Sportscenter anchor correctly pronounces Guillermo Moscoso? #Athletics

Latest reply 6:04PM Wed, September 07 2011


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