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40f2b02dc3814a10af4f060752a9b328_normal @DemiHendrix Lakeview,NEW ORLEANS LA

Does the lady from the Popeyes commercial piss anyone else off with that fake ass new orleans accent?

Latest reply 7:22PM Mon, May 23 2011


85bc6c4f15c784c8866e7501496fa3b6_normal @Santee_Claus

Why does alligator from Pappadeaux taste like chicken from Popeyes?

Latest reply 1:50PM Mon, October 03 2011


89pi7ofl_normal @thaddy_who Newark, New Jersey

why does the lady from the new Popeyes commerical look weird? her head's huge

Latest reply 9:51PM Sun, June 05 2011


A7bd9038f8b1439dc5d8fa691f33deed_normal @SBEnigma716 ÜT: 42.864573,-...

Does anyone else think that its a bit racist to have that black lady doing the popeyes fried chicken commercials?

Latest reply 10:23PM Mon, October 17 2011


6464e7056d6b2d679544bd2e8cb31c03_normal @YungPhillie

Who has the Louisiana fried chicken with the black lady? Popeyes?

Latest reply 12:22AM Wed, March 30 2011


E069049a459600122b44c09c597b089b_normal @LORR3LL BOSTON / CAMBRIDGE MA

Why does Popeyes have a dancing black lady holding a chicken drum stick in their commercial?

Latest reply 10:30PM Thu, April 28 2011


7cf21c878c9ee45918cd6a93f7b08670_normal @Mel1ssaESQ ÜT: 33.956102,-...

Why does Cassidy ALWAYS name the popeyes chicken lady when she's dragging some damn body?

Latest reply 10:10AM Sun, September 04 2011


Ebf3209a851f0d70549e0a37bfda0376_normal @SoyKEAx3

What do I want from Popeyes ?

Latest reply 12:49PM Sat, February 04 2012


Katy_dash_normal @kayPOSSIBLE LSU

can someone tell the Popeyes lady it isn't crawfish festival?

Latest reply 9:41AM Fri, November 05 2010


341367083_normal @notTHISbitch in the fields bitch

How does the popeyes commercial lady sleep at night? Smh

Latest reply 5:10PM Sat, November 05 2011


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