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Zaeeooica5b52m4sax40_normal @ComeForCoffee

Does anyone else get giddy over new followers? #thanksforfollowing

Latest reply 11:51PM Mon, August 06 2012


7fabnava_normal @karenscian Waterloo, Ontario

Anyone else giddy about tonight's Obama vs. Romney showdown?

Latest reply 5:11PM Wed, October 03 2012


E6e4ee582c9a9b259e45c140106c0725_normal @dmbartonsimms England

Does anyone else get giddy when @gbarlowofficial is on twitter?

Latest reply 8:46AM Tue, February 26 2013


86c3e732aca0389b089a614d48fb7c91_normal @skinnyconfess

Does anyone else have to roofie themselves pre-din?

Latest reply 7:42PM Thu, November 08 2012


0c5a09385e72f287459720bee9261ea2_normal @Ahhkok

Headache , giddy .

Latest reply 8:20AM Tue, July 10 2012


Lydia_normal @lesleslesydia The 'toon' 8-)

Does anyone else ever feel really stupid when they're tired? like just in a giddy mood?

Latest reply 9:36AM Thu, January 12 2012


9a2d9805a119bf398d9b3a4681189a3c_normal @DWeberMusic Currently, Indiana University

Does anyone else get really, REALLY giddy when thinking about IU basketball next year?

Latest reply 1:24PM Tue, April 10 2012


461d96d72ad06f825056db5f86f2ff00_normal @RGTweetz ÜT: 53.657955,-...

Does anyone else get a bit giddy when they hear the start of the amen break?

Latest reply 3:04PM Wed, May 23 2012


Jnt1mhop_normal @JacyCookSmith

Does anyone else get really giddy when they get a new follower?

Latest reply 3:26AM Sun, July 08 2012


2447f6632fd47f3e0f6375b44fe84a43_normal @OHbamaMama Southeastern Ohio

Is anyone else still giddy after Obama won re-election? :-D

Latest reply 3:11PM Fri, November 23 2012


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