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4d54f150880b18a4396908ed2ff53852_normal @vicharshy

Does anyone know what that mouse voice is saying in the song mercy by kanye west? #justcurious

Latest reply 1:03AM Wed, September 05 2012


Vuuxfwgn_normal @JarikreMase Lagos, Nigeria

Who can make out what that voice was saying in kanye's Mercy?

Latest reply 3:29PM Sun, September 09 2012


C24bf4ba11e4df69d4c78c37f4293894_normal @rhian_chester

Does anyone actually know what that voice is saying in the beginning of Mercy - Kanye?

Latest reply 2:30PM Sun, October 14 2012


Img_20120521_114840_normal @bl0wItByThe_O Kloud 9

Aye does ANYBODY know wtf that lil voice saying in the background of MERCY by kanye?

Latest reply 2:27PM Thu, April 26 2012


3c2xhrv03eofx7nptcgj_normal @azzislam London, UK

Can someone tell me what that voice is saying in "Mercy" by Kanye?

Latest reply 8:49AM Sun, June 24 2012


9wrsj4gplqr9za07mgn1_normal @Cartier_Kidd Augusta, Ga

Does anybody know what that man saying in the beginning of that Kanye West song mercy?

Latest reply 9:45PM Thu, May 24 2012


11ee03f814794300d9e060dd9c78117d_normal @alyssa_bauer

What are they even saying in the song mercy by kanye?

Latest reply 3:34PM Fri, June 15 2012


30719a007b3f137670c8061a7092d8e4_normal @_MARQmyWORDS_ A T L A N T A

Does anybody know what the hell that woman saying in the background on "Kanye- Mercy" song ?

Latest reply 1:35AM Sat, October 13 2012


8e759ca5b7c2f1424336e99ee75394a9_normal @Fallering Untied kingdumb

Does anyone know what exactly that Arab guy was saying in Kanye's Mercy song?

Latest reply 9:49PM Mon, August 20 2012


Aojds4lcaamarwe_normal @MuteTweetahhh NashDallasKCity

Does anyone know what that little hyena voice in the song mercy is saying?

Latest reply 1:14AM Thu, June 14 2012


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