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7c9948f60c3e5431506f7dbb0f3f067b_normal @rele_thang Johannesburg

Moekelesia doll..RT @missmzam: Does anyone know what ecclesiastes is in the Setswana bible?

Latest reply 5:17AM Wed, May 11 2011


339133422_normal @Hamby Nigeria

What does it say? RT @Jay_Kemjika: #Ecclesiastes 9:10

Latest reply 3:03AM Mon, February 27 2012


4a430ee8657f8dcc05a60806250a837a_normal @MyronButler24

“@trpleBV: Ecclesiastes 3:11”<< what does it say?

Latest reply 3:16PM Mon, July 02 2012


B050e3f0fd0d123c5120f8342d5da609_normal @RaeWhitlock

What are the best 1) popular-level and 2) academic-level commentaries on Ecclesiastes out there?

Latest reply 1:44PM Sat, November 12 2011


45b6b0505652b85718091dd0d4549968_normal @ATLDJTrouble ATL

how do you spell ecclesiastes tho?

Latest reply 9:44PM Mon, February 11 2013


Image_normal @sharondjackson Memphis, TN

What is the whole duty of man? To fear God & keep His commandments. Ecclesiastes 12:13 #jesustweeters

Latest reply 12:27AM Sun, May 08 2011


B16d74c7882bf335ebf47aeb64d09bf4_normal @thisisGS

Ecclesiastes 6:11 ESV The more words, the more vanity, and what is the advantage to man?

Latest reply 2:54AM Mon, July 25 2011


677a688fc18a39133d6c698a5076f527_normal @EarlFred

What do people really gain from all the hard work they do here at Earth? - Ecclesiastes 1 (NCV).

Latest reply 11:50PM Wed, April 11 2012


Copy_of_profile_pic_normal @karyoberbrunner Ohio

Excited to preach tomorrow. Empowered to Enjoy (Ecclesiastes 6). When Christians aren't joyful, what does that say about their God?

Latest reply 7:38PM Sat, July 14 2012


9e5d64b3-67f3-4e7d-a555-0dc2372b4282_normal @Micheledidasko Liverpool, NY

Ans: Ecclesiastes // Q9: What does the twelfth chapter teach as to the lesson Solomon finally learned? #MKBiblechat

Latest reply 9:20PM Sat, August 04 2012


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