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F53ac7a326083efe04326766afc0dafd_normal @AlwaysEmblem3_ Watching the Tequila Sunrise

What is the second song called that 1D sang on X Factor last night?

Latest reply 12:00AM Sat, November 10 2012


Kaigeve3_normal @JonasLovato92

How did they have 1D's new song in the X factor when the show is pre recorded and that song just came out?

Latest reply 12:46PM Thu, October 04 2012


86e8abfb363469ad646f423effb648ad_normal @DirectionDivas

When are 1d on the x-factor? :')

Latest reply 1:00PM Sun, October 30 2011


O2dmjlqzp7te2q0dptiu_normal @LiamofficialPT Portugal

When is 1d apperance at x factor?

Latest reply 2:41PM Sun, October 30 2011


4884652a396565ab8b8658a4bebfbd3e_normal @Marie__loves_JB

When is 1D on x-factor USA ?

Latest reply 8:14PM Wed, November 07 2012


448da7cd270a8d2acde09778f960d358_normal @charlee_leigh1D

When is 1D on x factor?

Latest reply 2:25AM Thu, November 08 2012


Aa_normal @League_1D Zayn's heart

#QUESTION During the X-Factor live shows, From all the 1D boys who usually sang the beginning of the song? [Must be following me]

Latest reply 12:31PM Wed, May 18 2011


1161f3b637b4a6a99b1ad5c57a2ea410_normal @tobybradley7

What is a 1d song?

Latest reply 9:32PM Tue, March 20 2012


C8eac968d97b8901e50c86c72a28461f_normal @GMJ_1D_Efron Essex!

Does anyone know when 1D are on x factor?

Latest reply 8:44PM Sat, October 29 2011


Snapshot__31_a_normal @iamsarahlyons

When are 1D on the factor is it tonight? @ellakateburrow

Latest reply 2:34PM Sun, October 30 2011


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