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7ecd84866d28ea5a42e32a7d4b64a09c_normal @ladii_ahiruss95 San Leandro, California

Ssooo...when is christmas?

Latest reply 1:37PM Sun, December 23 2012


Ef2197a9d406821f01c9911ba422090a_normal @velisha_solon Setna Base, Coreum

//ssooo bored.. When is #WaveFive?

Latest reply 1:06PM Wed, June 26 2013


Photo_9_normal @misslaurenlou Pittsburgh

Apparently Adele wore 4 pairs of Spanx at the Grammys. How is that possible without dying of suffocation?

Latest reply 2:55PM Mon, June 04 2012


570702a7409021d6a7ddcf66a81c1cb0_normal @YouLoveLEY Wherever im sitting...

Ssooo when is the wayne concert?

Latest reply 8:44PM Wed, February 02 2011


46b7075e5392492540d2e026a881ed4d_normal @kissmynash ÜT: 41.693251,-...

Why do boys like 2k ssooo much? -____-

Latest reply 12:12AM Tue, November 01 2011


Dsc03556_-_copy_normal @isyamary

Baby andrei, why are you ssooo cute? :)

Latest reply 9:06AM Mon, March 26 2012


3a3a428f96ae1c8926eb538df45226a0_normal @Thatniggajames_

Ssooo where did Austin rivers go?

Latest reply 11:18PM Thu, June 28 2012


E4aeb283961ee5362ee01cf18a036768_normal @EllieRabey Loughton, Essex

Why are year 8's going out wearing heels and fake eyelashes? I wore sketchers when I went to parties in year 8

Latest reply 3:19PM Wed, February 22 2012


Softwatches_normal @SoftWatches

I don't understand fake eyelashes everyday. How do you switch to an evening look if you already wore fake lashes to work?

Latest reply 9:25AM Thu, June 21 2012


3ba273a0837cc81957b6b6df50eb8711_normal @Jenny_ILYBieber Chillin In Bieber World :D

why is adele wearing the same dress she wore at the grammys? .. does she think it's a 'lucky' dress or something?

Latest reply 4:15PM Tue, February 21 2012


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