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Me_and_katlin_normal @KyleDawson_69 Rock Thrill, SC

Why does Cam Newton always have a towel over his head? Is he hiding his elephant ears? Be a man and flaunt them. Like Will Smith #noballs

Latest reply 2:36PM Sun, October 09 2011


Safe_image @lewkay Los Angeles

Does Cam Newton already have a Gatorade deal in place? Interesting time to wrap that towel around his back.

Latest reply 12:17AM Tue, January 11 2011


Df4183ef98b08c40130c0a868b7d4601_normal @mattmurphyshow

Why does Cam Newton wear that stupid ass towel? It's like his security blanket. Somebody tell him it makes him look like a d**k.

Latest reply 3:03PM Sun, October 16 2011


Image_normal @ChuckLongWood

Why does Lebron have a towel on his head.?

Latest reply 1:26AM Wed, February 15 2012


Image_normal @theYassinIsmail yo momma's house

why is lebron wrapping this towel around his head?

Latest reply 10:56PM Sun, June 17 2012


A0bdd8ee3671471afbdad85928fb1ab1_normal @mellepixie

Why does this Marco guy have a tea-towel on his head? #masterchef

Latest reply 6:06AM Wed, July 06 2011


9d8702e5daf5ec0033afba0ff9d735b9_normal @MaskedTweeter Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Why doesn't Abyss buy a new mask instead of wearing a towel over his head?

Latest reply 9:38PM Thu, July 07 2011


Image_normal @reidjeff

why is this dude at the gym running with a towel on his head?

Latest reply 8:05PM Wed, January 25 2012


174bdd9d12d7c8e36b211f3695a87a60_normal @icecreamlicka

Why does french montana always wear a towel on his head?

Latest reply 9:43PM Tue, July 17 2012


8f92b957ae2887bd07f2db4190d3342c_normal @gingerellah London, ON Canada ???

Just why does Frank have a towel on his head? Anyone? Anyone? #BB14

Latest reply 7:10PM Wed, August 22 2012


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