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28a4a35faacbe487c5fe32b62805d8d8_normal @Belle_Bass ÜT: -25.727529,...

When is the UJ freshers?

Latest reply 9:51AM Tue, April 12 2011


79e1793a04d9f92c08b8da6a65a1c2ee_normal @MzZ_TeaGo The East Rand

Vele vele when is the UJ freshers?

Latest reply 4:12AM Tue, April 17 2012


5f45a4532bb1d305b0c07c985c80fda2_normal @Mafeta11 johannesburg

Mara when is uj freshers ball?

Latest reply 3:22AM Wed, April 18 2012


Ca3ba42749dbb25b8946203d27d22fb6_normal @TwinAtion johannesburg

They won't be freshers anymore RT @iGerald_: August RT @TwinAtion: When is UJ's freshers?

Latest reply 11:30AM Fri, February 15 2013


Dfd50e72c75f9bb480cfc6005cfe4542_normal @SowetoEntMag Johannesburg

UJ Soweto Campus if you haven't heard. RT @khotso_kwest: Can Someone Pleaser Tell Me When The UJ Freshers Is ? ? ?

Latest reply 7:38AM Fri, May 06 2011


0f0313e75312f11fc0f37f8eccea518e_normal @MduOrNeRD Johannesburg

(.. ) ( .. ) ( ..) *Cricket Sounds* RT @TheyCallMeNanz: Does anybody know WhEn the UJ Freshers is taking place? (o_o)

Latest reply 6:14AM Fri, April 13 2012


101eb6aa756e6e6fd8eeefdb704fb1b6_normal @Gontse_Motsoane jo'burg

Bari it's cancelled RT @MzZ_TeaGo: Vele vele when is the UJ freshers?

Latest reply 4:18AM Tue, April 17 2012


B8a1715e0376a7cc252aacb577231902_normal @KaYtOmetse Heaven sent

Apparently next week. .RT @DEEJAYLEON_SA: Date please RT@Humble_Tlangz: When is it? RT @KaYtOmetse: UJ freshers. . .Yes? No? Maybe?

Latest reply 6:04AM Fri, April 12 2013


Lln0_sre_normal @phumzeee Where you find me

Lmao. Hau, i thought you'd know.RT @Kay_go: Can anyone answer this? ? Anyone? "@phumzeee: Kay_go Yo, do you know when the Uj Freshers is?

Latest reply 1:04PM Mon, April 18 2011


2903c427dede64551b52a89ace31f450_normal @nomhlizee Johannesburg

When does uj open?

Latest reply 3:16AM Mon, July 12 2010


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