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Conversations about unresponsive plug my computer keep saying its annoying

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28a9a6683f6efe9c4edb5e02d8b2c1e2_normal @TheQueerGuy

Can anyone help with my upgrade from OSX 10.4 to 10.6 ? its so annoying and keep saying OSX cannot be installed on this computer.

Latest reply 7:35AM Wed, January 19 2011


Image_normal @Crystal_Jewels1

I keep getting, "The following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash Would you like to stop it" on my laptop. Anyone know how to fix it?

Latest reply 5:44AM Mon, February 20 2012


4c562442d8b6a6ccf029b9e156897395_normal @MikaelaP78 Adelaide, Australia

Why does my computer randomly freeze up when I plug my iPhone in!?!? Soooo annoying!

Latest reply 6:52PM Tue, October 04 2011


N92yijt1_normal @slatyford Newcastle upon Tyne

Why does my sky box keep saying its going into stand by? Just stared doing it yesterday and its annoying

Latest reply 9:03AM Sun, March 06 2011


942a9cd1c6ac18a8e83329fd45dda3cf_normal @gilliananstey

Why does my computer keep freezing? So annoying

Latest reply 9:01AM Sun, April 01 2012


Image_normal @GarnonDavies

My word isnt working on my mac. Annoying, I want to use it. Keep saying i quit unexpectedly. Any ideas? Any computer boffs out there?

Latest reply 6:31PM Mon, January 31 2011


Photo_10_normal @jconorw Abbeyside, Co. Waterford

why does my flash plug-in keep crashing in Chrome? #annoying

Latest reply 7:25AM Fri, March 30 2012


Image_normal @sophielou512

Does anyone know how to stop iPhoto opening automatically when I plug my iPad into the computer? It's really annoying!

Latest reply 1:19PM Tue, December 14 2010


Profile_10_normal @FionaR_B Sydney

Why does iTunes keep wanting to update my carrier settings? Every time I plug my phone into my computer.

Latest reply 1:54AM Sat, January 14 2012


Image_normal @tpjost Newton Kansas

Why does my blackberry keep re booting? Its so annoying.

Latest reply 1:33PM Wed, March 23 2011


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