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Conversations about weed emoji

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A7407851f753d6a4d96fdac6f6e7e7f4_normal @communityfour Nashua, NH

When is Apple coming out with a weed leaf emoji?

Latest reply 5:45PM Wed, February 13 2013


Hy2vf6vj_normal @Scream_Gabby72 Texas c:

Why don't they have a weed emoji yet?

Latest reply 5:32PM Thu, March 27


Bc43b98d7610a8737fc2419d40807788_normal @Its_ThaiSherieK London


Latest reply 10:04PM Wed, January 11 2012


9883bdd139855a286764eb2bbfa310cd_normal @DontFeedTheBird New York City . Juu herdd .

cuz they have dnt have guns, weed, or tattoos lol RT @Havtastic why does emoji only have one brown person?

Latest reply 3:32PM Sat, March 26 2011


Df369cabd0ea166096073e9603a8ec7e_normal @glamdior83 The Real Wire Detroit

Type it in a the app will come up...RT @horny_goat_weed How do I get emoji on Android?

Latest reply 10:45AM Sat, January 14 2012


Image_normal @Rae_Squared

Why do all bird heads who smoke weed like its cool always use these emoji to describe when they're high ->

Latest reply 1:07PM Mon, March 05 2012


0a9c2804736eff55750f4c3157f642ba_normal @DimpoAlive los ANGELES

Weed weed weed weed weed where are you ?

Latest reply 5:17AM Sun, March 04 2012


_emilyyfletcher_normal @Xemz14X

Does anyone have emoji?(;

Latest reply 5:43PM Wed, January 26 2011


B59be0cda2922a69edbbd50755945783_normal @caitlinoprysko on an island in the sun ☼

Why does this emoji

Latest reply 12:13AM Wed, November 09 2011


39c5f4f8585996e4faad4e3d64ea87af_normal @iLoveYou_Nae In My Own Little World : )

Who Has Emoji ?

Latest reply 10:39PM Sat, November 26 2011


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