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Ceaf210fa41a301e0aa9f718afe711ca_normal @Ryan_Daniel94

Why did suarez kiss his wrist yesterday?

Latest reply 3:52AM Tue, February 14 2012


4caaf8b6267d6c36081ff095284bdb61_normal @stuhirst London

Why does Suarez kiss his wrist?

Latest reply 11:11AM Sun, April 06


3c44a534eb62c55ca1cfb801b1e84025_normal @StephenEamonn Maynooth

Why does Luis Suarez always kiss his wrist when he scores? Is there a tattoo? #lfc

Latest reply 12:48PM Sun, November 04 2012


My_profile_pic_normal @kerjialat ÜT: 1.379268,10...

Why does Suarez kiss his wrist each time after scoring? #LFC

Latest reply 5:12PM Mon, May 09 2011


1158aad9b667a1b93eef86dbc1e38a3c_normal @HanyaLP

Why did Suarez kiss his wrist after scoring? Checking he was wearing Old Spice?

Latest reply 6:10PM Sat, February 11 2012


Img-20120901-wa000_normal @TareqSweetKid Birmingham UK

Why does suarez kiss his wrist when scores, is he gay?

Latest reply 7:35PM Sun, October 28 2012


70e5590f0838bcefcdc8a35e257a0044_normal @habbijA2 United Kingdom

Why does Suarez kiss his wrist when he scores a goal? #motd2

Latest reply 6:00PM Sun, November 04 2012


2ee66f366cb2e849c1c4689abe758a92_normal @I_PhoeniX_I Birmingham, UK

Why does Luis Suarez always kiss his wrist after scoring a goal? #MOTD

Latest reply 6:40PM Sat, March 02 2013


72d53341f345d89adc17da6ad6a8654a_normal @afansopinion

Can anyone tell me what Luis Suarez has on his wrist which he kisses after scoring? I'm guessing its s tattoo of something..? #LFC #Suarez

Latest reply 8:43AM Mon, November 05 2012


Ahueww99_normal @hharrismusic London

Considering it's come under the microscope so much today, gotta ask : why does Suarez kiss his wrist? Anyone know?

Latest reply 6:20PM Sun, January 06 2013


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